Ice climbing

Ice climbing

They gurgle with plays of light in the hot season, depending on the period they can be more or less luxuriant, depending on rainfall or thaw; with the first periods of cold, everything changes and as if by magic they turn into majestic ice flows, which thicken during the winter, constantly changing their morphological appearance depending on the temperatures and exposure.

The time has come to sink the blades of the ice axes into the layer of ice: precise and alternating strokes from the movement of the feet in the search, as on the rock, for the optimal position of balance, unloading our weight on the tips of the crampons that allow us to extract and replant tools for the next movement. With the tubular ice screws, which have to be screwed on, you can protect yourself in the progression at any time up to the belay point.

Maybe for the singular and suggestive environment, maybe for the use of the tools that through a little practice we will learn to use, it will be the idea of sculpting live ice, of experiencing the emotion of the piolet-traction technique, but the climbing on ice excites us more and more! A wonderful way to experience the mountains.

Half day outings

Meeting: 1.00 pm
Return: 17.00


Kind of activity:
Climbing for educational and approach purposes even with groups of 4 or 5 people. Lessons take place on itineraries suitable for learning progression and rope maneuvers on single pitches up to a maximum of 30 meters in development. The ascents of several rope pitches with max. 2 people; there is the possibility of abseiling or on foot, (it is advisable to have already done some learning outings.) The climb will be done as second of rope.

The necessary equipment (ice axes, crampons, harnesses, helmets, ropes, etc.) will be provided by the guide. The student must show up equipped with boots and suitable clothing.

Full day outings

Meeting: 8.00 am
Return: 4.00 pm


Kind of activity:
The program is the one foreseen for half-day outings, but with concatenated climbs of several itineraries or ascents of waterfalls with a development of up to 200 – 300 meters. The approach and return is sometimes done on skis, abseiling, max 2 people per guide.

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