If you are tired of walking on the paths and you want to try something different, via ferratas are perfect for you.
A mixture of hike and climb which allowds you to reach peaks otherwise inaccessible by normal trek.

The Mountain Guides Dolomiti Group will lead you during your first via ferrata or will help you to face the more difficult ones.
Via ferratas’ excursions in group take place with a minimum of 3 people. Of course it is also possible to hire a private guide.

We organize moreover a week of via ferratas, which consists in 5 days on different via ferratas at a special price.

We organize via ferratas everyday on request.


Prices via ferratas in groups:

Easy level via ferratas: 110€ per person (minimum 3 participants)
Medium level vai ferratas: from 110€ to 120€ per person (minimum 3 participants)
Difficult or very difficult level via ferratas: from 120€ to 150€ per person (from 2 to 4 participants)


where altitude difficulty
Passo Santner 2741 m. *
Roda di Vael 2806 m. *
Cima Dodici Gadotti 2645 m. **
Catinaccio d’Antermoia 3004 m. **
Cresta Ovest Marmolada 3342 m. ***
Col Ombert 2800 m. ***
Bepi Zach 2832 m. *
Tridentina 2587 m. **
Finanzieri 2713 m. ***
Bolver Lugli 3184 m. ***
I Magnifici Quattro 2213 m. ****
Mesules 2965 m. ***
Trincee di Porta Vescovo 2727 m. ***
Piazzetta al Piz Boè 3152 m. ****
Tomaselli 2989 m. ***
Forcella Demetz 2700 m. **

*= easy    **= medium    ***= difficult    ****= very difficult

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